Protect your job site with temporary fence from American Fence Company of Lincoln

If you are looking for protection for a construction site or event venue that is efficient and cost-effective, American Fence Company of Lincoln has your answer. They make renting temporary fence quick and easy. Rental fencing guarantees that your site will stay secured while remaining flexible to your needs. American Fence offers the installation andContinue Reading

Let American Fence Company of Omaha figure out your gate control system

In years past, access control was no more complicated than a garage door opener, but a lot has changed in the last several years. Now gate access controls include things such as sensing edges, receivers, telephone entry and photo eyes as well as a much larger variety of gate operators. Gate operators and their accessContinue Reading

Gate Access Control: Making it easy for you to get IN while keeping others OUT!

Here at American Fence Company of Iowa, we are making access control easy for you. How great will it be to pull up to your business or home and gain access with the push of a button? We can help you make that happen. With over 100 years of combined experience in gates, operators andContinue Reading

American Fence Company is proud to introduce: American Access Company

American Access Company is the newest addition to the American Fence Company family, and we are so excited to finally be able to offer an undivided focus on access control. American Access Company is a premium gate access control merchant and we sell items such as barrier arms, traffic spikes, operators, receivers, photo eyes andContinue Reading